massages spa sophia los angeles venice beach abbot kinneyMassages aren’t  just a heavenly experience, they also have many health benefits, such as a better immune system and reduced pain, anxiety and migraines. So let yourself be treated by our massage therapists’ capable hands.

Spa Sophia offers the following massages, and each treatment can be enhanced with one of our Massage Boosts. For Ayurvedic massages visit our Ayurvedic Treatments page.


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Spa Sophia Signature Massage
This healing and customized massage targets all those areas that are tense and painful for you, and will leave you feeling relieved and totally relaxed. Perfect for treating yourself after a long day at work, or just because!
60 min | $120
75 min | $135
90 min | $155


Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is a remedial massage technique that is required to release tension and adhesions or knots that have formed deep in muscle tissue over time. As the name implies, our expert body workers go in deeper than conventional massage techniques to work on the muscle tissue & fascia to help correct dysfunction. Initially, deep tissue massage may be uncomfortable; but, its immense benefits are well worth the initial discomfort.
60 min | $135
75 min | $145
90 min | $175 


DeStress Express
This head, neck, and shoulder massage will wipe away the work day in a half hour! Shrug’ off tension with targeted kneading and acu-pressure to work the boulders out of your shoulders, and instantly relax your neck and scalp. Stop in at lunch and take a break from the computer, the phone, and your desk. Leave feeling lighter and refreshed!
30 min | $50


Sports Therapy Massage
The Sports Therapy Massage is customized for your specific sport and recommended before or after an athletic event. Loosens, warms and prepares muscles for future performance and endurance and relieves pain and stiffness after. Also appropriate for injury rehabilitation.
70 min | $155


Bliss Therapeutic Massage
Two hours of heavenly therapeutic full body massage that uses essential oils to also restore your skin. This is the ultimate mental de-stressing therapy for achieving total mind body balance. Bliss!
120 min | $230


Deep Therapeutic Massage
Our deep therapeutic massage consists of two full hours of relieving pain, stress and tension throughout your entire body. Multiple techniques are used and customized to your needs to leave you feeling completely restored.
120 min | $250


Pregnancy Massage
Pregnant women face a special subset of aches and discomforts, and can’t lay on their belly as is custom for massages. Spa Sophia’s special prenatal massage relieves aches in weight bearing joints as well as edema and stress, so moms to be can enjoy pregnancy glowing and relaxed.
60 min | $125
75 min | $140
90 min | $165


Esalen Massage
Spa Sophia is privileged to be able to offer our clients the unique experience that is Esalen Massage. Developed in California’s own Big Sur, the Esalen bodyworker uses long integrating strokes resembling ocean waves, as well as yoga moves, Swedish massage, breathing and gently rocking moves. A holistic, extremely healing and relaxing massage that has to be experienced.
60 min | $125
90 min | $165


Healing Stone Massage
Experience the deep relaxation created by muscle melting hot stones. Our therapists use water heated basalt stones to increase the therapeutic benefits of massage. Placed strategically around the body and use as an extension of themselves, hot stones can help release muscles for a deeper level of relaxation.
75 min | $150


Couples Massage
Spa Sophia’s Couple Massage is double the bliss for all couples (or friends!) that wish to relax together. Please be aware that we need a little extra notice for this service so give us a call so that we can work together to find a suitable time.
60 min | $250


ZENTS Journey Massage
Escape from stress with with an aromatherapeutic massage designed to uplift, relax and soothe. Through inhalation and application of oils and hydrating shea butter, this massage restores and awakens your senses. Also available with a hand and foot scrub and oil scalp massage add on.
60min | $125


First Time Massage Special
Spa Sophia is passionate about introducing new people to the healing and relaxing powers of our massages, and therefore offers this first time massage special. This massage option is only available to people that are new to Spa Sophia. Bliss, at a discounted price!
60 min | $100


Abyhanga Ayurvedic Massage
Abyhanga is a very special and unique form of full body massage. Warm oil infused with medicinal herbs is applied to the entire body using very specific strokes to activate heat, stimulate lymphatic movement, oxygenate the blood and detoxify the system.
60 min | $125
90 min | $165


Massage Boosts

For when you don’t want the relaxation to end or need a little something extra, our massage Boosts can be added to any of our massage treatments.

$25 Boosts (15 minutes additional time required)
Coconut Oil Scalp Massage
A heavenly scalp massage with our scrumptious Conscious Coconut organic & cold pressed coconut oil. For ultimate relaxation and many goosebumps. Works miracles for your hair too!
Hand and Foot Scrub
Pamper your tired hands and feet with a decadent treat of hot towels and a detoxifying salt scrub. We will make them feel baby soft again.
Chi Machine
Our Chi Machine cradles your ankles while it produces gentle, repetitive oscillation that works its way throughout your entire body putting you in a relaxed Alpha brainwave state. It enhances cellular oxygenation, aids your Lymphatic System, and corrects spinal alignment. Feel the stimulation of the Chi (energy) within you, and leave with revitalized energy and mental focus.

$40 Boosts (15 minutes additional time required)
Therapeutic Steam
Deepen your cleanse, or address specific issues such as depressed immunity, insomnia or respiratory trouble with a therapeutic steam and specific essential oils. Take the benefits of your massage to a deeper level with this add on, or simply sweat out the effects of a long weekend! Steaming increases the release and elimination of toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.


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