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The Fashion Los Angeles Publisher of The LA Fashion Magazine and The LA Fashion Weekly featured featured a very nice article about Spa Sophia. Yup, great skin is the best accessory!

Spa Sophia in Venice – Best Fashion Accessory Yet: Clear, Youthful, Glowing Skin!

In the hippest town in Los Angeles, Venice Beach, a trend is popping up and the ladies are thanking young Business Entrepreneur, Sophia Marzocchi. Marzocchi opened the hidden secret spot SPA SOPHIA years ago (yes celebs like PINK go there on the regular) and her loyal fan base seems to be walking the streets of Venice because the ladies on Abbot Kinney, where Spa Sophia is located, are glowing. By glowing, I mean their skin seems to be the best accessory to these already fashionable hipsters’ outfits. Jennifer Aniston has also helped make glowing, young skin a MUST HAVE accessory by her famed tag line in the AVEENO commercial boasting: “…because beautiful skin goes with everything!” But the truth is…IT DOES!

We sat down with the beautiful Sophia Marzocchi, Founder of Spa Sophia, who resembles the look of Sienna Miller (so who wouldn’t want to see her!?) and asked her what facials or treatments were the most popular. Marocchi said “without a doubt the best selling treatment we do is theMicrodermabrasion/Oxygen Combination Facial. It is a 90-minute facial that combines exfoliating and hydrating. The lifting ingredients in the oxygen combined with the deep exfoliation of the epidermal skin cells through the microdermabrasion leave ladies looking years younger without any crazy surgery. All they need to do to look natural and young is do it regularly.” And since “natural” is all the trend, it’s not surprising that more and more people are making this kind of service a monthly must have! Well, I might have to agree with Anniston and Marzocchi, because in Venice Beach, CA these girls are walking proof that good skin IS, after all, the BEST accessory to any outfit!

To book at appointment with Spa Sophia visit or take a stroll down trendy Abbot Kinney to get inspired.

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