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Perfect-Skin Secrets Estheticians Swear By

Sophia Marzocchi is a celebrity esthetician and owner of Spa Sophia, having gained a cult following thanks to her preference for clean products and mind-body approach to beauty. Gina Mari is on the forefront of the latest technologies and cutting-edge skin science, using progressive methods to deliver real, glowing results. Susan Ciminelli is a world-renowned holistic health guru, with a unique approach to skincare and skin health, and uses natural goodness from the earth, the oceans, and science to create the signature “Ciminelli Glow,” as dubbed by The New York Times. We chatted with all three of these professional skin experts and asked them to spill the perfect-skin secrets they live by.

Keep reading to find out how to treat your skin like a celebrity esthetician would!

Know That Great Skin Starts From Within

The best estheticians will tell you that great skin starts from the inside. “Your skin reflects the quality of the food you eat and what you drink, and how well you absorb the nutrients and eliminate the waste from your system,” Ciminelli says. “If you’re blocked inside, your skin will have inflammatory conditions such as rosacea, breakouts, and premature aging.” Great skincare products and habits are only half of the equation. “I teach people to eat healthy, natural, fresh food full of life force energy at the time of consumption,” Ciminelli says. “After all, the skin is our largest organ, and everything we do and put in our bodies has an effect on it, both positively and negatively,” Mari says.

Let Your Skin Choose Its Regimen

Most of us like to a have a plan, a routine to follow, but if you want perfect skin, don’t force it. “My approach has always been to meet the skin where it is at—which for me is in constant flux. I don’t have an agenda imposed onto the skin,” Marzocchi says. Your skin changes, and you need to be able to roll with the punches. “Skin conditions vary throughout time—there’s never a ‘one size fits all’ solution,” Mari says. “Switch up your products! In my own medicine cabinet, I have several different lines for all skin types, and I use them according to what my skin is asking for.” Mari loves iS Clinical’s Moisturizing Complex ($83) when her skin is feeling dry. She turns to a prescription-strength combination of tretinoin, hydroquinone, and hydrocortisone when she’s battling pigmentation issues, and she uses January Lab Revitalizing Day Cream ($68) when things are feeling normal.

Keep It Simple

Keep it simple, with both your routine and the products you use. Just because you should switch up your products from time to time doesn’t mean the basics can’t stay, well, basic. “I always recommend a client use cleanser, toner, vitamin C serums, and moisturizer,” Mari says. “Plus, sunscreen and hats are essential in sunny climates.” You don’t need to spend forever in the bathroom layering on products. “My skincare regimen takes less than two minutes morning and night, consisting of cleansing, exfoliating, and then nourishing and hydrating to preserve the skin,” Ciminelli says. She’s a fan of double-cleansing, antioxidant-rich facial oils—like her Marine Lotion ($195)—and nutrient-rich products that harness the potent anti-agers found in algae and seaweed—like her Restorative Red Marine Algae Cream ($300).

Strive for Balance

Balanced skin is healthy skin. “Most of all what I am always trying to do is normalize or balance out the skin—to help it find its way back to a place that is functioning in the healthiest manner,” Marzocchi says. “This is what allows for supple, youthful skin that neither stripped nor clogged. I am always being a detective, trying to see what is standing in the way of that healthy cycle. I don’t want my client stuck in a cycle of using products that make them jump back and forth from drying out to over-hydrating.” While she fully admits she loves to exfoliate, Marzocchi says there is a time when exfoliation gets to be too much. When that happens, turn to nutrient-rich organic products to bring the glow back to your skin.

Forget the Word “Pampering”

Finally (and this is our favorite), forget the idea that taking care of yourself is somehow indulgent. “I don’t believe in the word ‘pampering.’ I think that it makes relaxation seem like something that is excessive, expensive, and out of the norm,” Marzocchi says. So go ahead and book a spa day or create an at-home spa experience. “Finding a time out to actual calm your mind is extremely beneficial—it affects hormones, the nervous system, adrenal glands, and more.” (All of which affect your skin.) Even if you don’t have time to dedicate your entire evening to relaxation, at least take a moment to massage in your skincare products. (As a bonus, not only does stimulating lymphatic drainage through massage feel look, but it’s also great for de-puffing your face.)

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