Bikini Wax Aftercare Tips

To get the most out of your bikini wax, it’s important that pay attention to the aftercare. While Spa Sophia’s signature hard wax ensures minimal pain and discomfort, a bikini wax is always rough on your skin, and will leave it sensitive for a little while. Luckily there are things you can do to decrease discomfort, and increase the appearance of your skin. Most good waxing salons offer their clients aftercare advice, as well as recommendations in regards to what products to use. Spa Sophia for example sells a special post wax kit and recommends Tuel Blemish Cream, both available at the salon.

But you can also take matters in your own hands. Just follow these bikini wax aftercare tips… […]

How To Find a Safe & Good Waxing Salon

Summer is coming, and lots of women will soon flock to waxing salons to get clean bikini lines. Not all waxing salons are equally hygienic and professional though. It’s important that you find a safe, good waxing salon, since improper waxing practices can not only be painful; They can leave you with scars, infections, and even STDs.

How do you find a good waxing salon? Well, you can come to Spa Sophia of course. We always puts safety and hygiene first, and are famous for our minimal pain waxes. We also know exactly how to tell if another waxing salon is professional. Here are ten things to pay attention to when looking for a safe and good waxing salon. […]